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2-3 hours

Mt Tunbubdla

Mt Tunbubudla

Mt Tunbubudla otherwise known as The Twins - not an easy one to find nor climb but well worth the trek, especially for the Western peak. To find this hidden climb a 4wd/AWD is preferable as the road in is unsealed, however the sedan that came with us did make it in..just take caution. Eaton road can be entered from either Beerburrum Road or from Old Gympie Road, either way you are looking for a T-junction with power lines and the track starts opposite. Coming from Beerburrum road you will travel about 3.7km along Eaton road, its a tad shorter from Old Gympie Road. There is plenty of parking near the powerlines.

Head through the entrance and follow the dirt bike track for about 1.4km and you will come to a fork, take a right for about 500m to the mountains saddle (the track is marked so keep you eyes open)… yes it is a 2km hike before you even start to climb. Then you are faced with 2 options, left for the west or right for the east peak first? We went left first which although slightly smaller at 293m (East is 302m) it was a longer climb due to a windier track with some tricky sections and the views from the top are spectacular. The East peak is steeper wit ha more direct climb and the views are not as great, still worth the hike up if only to say you did both - can’t very well hike in that far and then only do one summit! Both climbs have slippery sections on the way down as it is a bit loose underfoot so keep your wits about you. Definitely need a decent level of fitness for these twins so I wouldn’t advise it if you have any injuries or for beginners.


Which twin did you prefer and why?