Glasshouse Mountains

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1-2 hours

Mount Tibrogargan

Mount Tibrogargan

Mt Tibrogargan can be found off Barrs Rd in the Gladdhouse Mountains region. Start on the Tibrogargan Circuit walk and follow the signs pointing out the summit hike. There is also the option to just do the Tibrogargan Circuit or Trachyte Circuit, or all three if you are feeling incredibly active!! The Tibrogargan circuit is a lovely bush walk about 3.2km long and flat so an easy walk around the base. Trachyte circuit is about 6km return once again through bush - this track links Mt Tibrogargan to Mt Tibberwuccum.

While not quite as high as Mt Beerwah the climb to the summit is still challenging both for mind and body especially the first time. Morning on a fine day is the best - avoid middle of the day and late afternoon due to heat and well darkness! Similarly to Beerwah, the first 20m is probably the most confronting due to the sheer 20(ish)m vertical face. Unlike Beerwah this climb continues in an open-faced fashion as mentioned so it is a true climb with very little ‘hike’ sections.

When climbing keep an eye out for the natural watercourses as these are the easier areas to grip onto. Only go as far as you feel comfortable both climbing and in your abilities to get back down. Make sure you go with an able-bodied friend and stick to the track as always.

Personally this climb was very confronting for me and more than once I almost turned around on my first attempt. There is absolutely no shame in turning around or taking regular breaks – it is far better than to push your fitness or abilities beyond tipping point and require rescue. Look after your buddies as well, make sure everyone in the group is comfortable to continue. I have also taken a group up and most managed the climb - generally fitness isn’t necessarily the issue as it requires only a moderate level of fitness… its the mind that needs to be overcome.

As with all the Glasshouse Mountains, the view from the top is spectacular on a clear day and well worth the effort to get there. Climbing down is pretty much ‘crab-walking’ and even more confronting than climbing up as you have clear view of how high you are, so be prepared! This summit does close on occasion so check before making the trek out.

There is a picnic table and facilities at the base so you can take a picnic and make a day of it 🙂

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