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45 minutes

Mt Tibberoowuccum

Mt Tibberoowuccum

Mt Tibberoowuccum is a far lesser known mountain situated right next door to Mt Tibrogargan - great combo if you are up for a couple of mountains in a day as you don’t even have to move your car! Finding the entrance can be a bit tricky, the easiest way is to drive along Barrs Rd about a minute past the entrance to Tibrogargan and keep an eye out on the left for a 4wd track marked T212. Hike in there, keep an eye out on the left for the heart of Tibberoowuccum, quick pic then keep walking. When you reach a three-way fork head right for about 300m and you should see the art of the track on your left marked by a rocky Cairn.

Alternatively if you wish to park at Mt Tibrogargan then look for the Trachyte Circuit entrance, you should see it from the carpark behind the main map. Head along this track for about 700m and you will come to the Trachyte circuit carpark. Rather than continuing along the circuit head right as if you are walking out of the carpark back to Barrs Rd and you will see a 4wd track on the left - you can either walk along there or along Barrs Rd to link up with the T212 4wd track then revert to above instructions :-).

The climb is a steep start for about 15minutes at which point you may think you are reaching the top….however it just flattens out and continues. Keep walking for about another 10 minutes and you will arrive at a rocky dome for a final scramble to the top. The track isn’t marked but it is fairly well defined for the most part, keep an eye out for some landmarks to help ensure you head back the way you came, especially near the top.

This mountain has it all, a steep hike, small scramble and amazing views so definitely one that is well worth doing. As far as difficulty its only 220m but I would say intermediate based on how steep the start is and the short scramble, I wouldn’t take really young kids but it would be a good one to do as a tester before either Beerwah or Tibrogargan to see how the scramble goes. Be careful on the way down as always, it’s not loose underfoot but it is quite steep.


Did you find Mt Tibberoowuccum’s heart?