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Mt Ninderry

Mt Ninderry

Nestled between Coolum and Yandina lies this little gem, at just 304m high it’s a great one to climb and test your fitness before taking on the larger mountains. Due to being a little out of the way Mt Ninderry is also one of the quieter mountains to climb so I love going out there and escaping the Mt Coolum madness! Getting there is easy once you know how …. first is find Coolum-Yandina road the depending on where you are coming from turn onto Collins Road (left if you are coming from the highway and right if you came from the motorway). At the end of Collins road turn right onto Ninderry rd and just as this turn into Eucalyptus crescent there is an entrance and parking are on the right.

The track up Mt Ninderry is relatively easy in that no scrambling is involved and it’s not overly steep, there are some loose slippery sections so take extra care on the way down. It starts with an old 4wd track and progresses into a thinner more rubbly path as it winds up the mountain. Meandering switchbacks take you up through the bush and rocky terrain to the summit. There are a couple of lookouts on the way up so be sure to take a moment and check them out to - it’s not all about making it to the top, although the views are pretty amazing!

Once you reach the top there is a viewing platform on the Eastern side which overlooks Coolum, inclusive of views back to Mt Coolum and Emu Mountain. Think that’s the end? Nope…take the time to walk around the top of Mt Ninderry and you will discover alternative view points (albeit not man made). Always stay safe and do not get too close to the edge, if you go off the main path make sure you know how to get back, oh and pack the mozzie spray - they can frequent Mt Ninderry,

This is a great one for kids too, my girls love going up Mt Ninderry as it’s a bit easier than Mt Coolum with less people more shrubbery and amazing views so take the family on an adventure!


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