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45 minutes

Mt Miketeebumulgrai

Mt Miketeebumulgrai

Mt Miketeebumulgrai… or affectionately known as Mt Mike (much easier to pronounce) is one of the smallest of the Glasshouse set standing at about 199m high. The start is well signed by the National park at about 320 King Road, I advise that you park on the grassy verge opposite the entrance for the safety of your car while you climb. It is a steep ascent so don’t be fooled by the lack of height as the climb still hits the legs, although I had climbed a few before this one so my legs were already feeling it! As far as views go, well there are a lot of trees at the summit which makes it lovely and shady however the views are a little patchy. The summit does provide a good vista of the extensive horticulture on the plains below which is rather impressive to see so still well worth the climb.

So to start the climb head in past the National Parks sign, the track is fairly well defined and there are pink flags most of the way. When you reach the remnants of the old quarry head right and keep an eye on those flags. We did get a tad lost on the return voyage so make sure you note a landmark when you hit the summit so you know where to head back down. As mentioned it is fairly steep so take special care to avoid falls. There is a cairn at the summit (feel free to add a rock) and a board on which you can add your initials if you wish. Being only about 8km from Mt Elimbah consider doing both… Elimbah definitely has the best views btw!

Mt Mike itself is composed of porphyritic trachyte which is an indigenous rock formed by volcanic activity. It is also a feeding and nesting places for the black cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus lathami) and the rare grey goshawk (Accipiter novaehollandiae) so keep an eye out for these guys during the hike.


Did you add your initials to the board?