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45 minutes

Mt Elimbah

Mt Elimbah

Mt Elimbah (signed as Saddleback) is the second smallest of the Glasshouse group at only 229m tall … however the views from this little beauty are amazing! I wouldn’t quite say 360degree but fairly close to it with a picturesque landscape showcasing the Glasshouse region. The entrance is a tad hidden so head for 799 Old Gympie Road and keep your eyes wide open for a driveway amid the bush. You will find a carpark and National Parks Sign stating Saddleback region - yes you are in the correct place. Now to find the start of the climb is the next trick as we walked straight past it the first time due to excess talking decreasing our concentration. So walk through the gate and after about 100m you will come to a fork, tack the right track (continuing left navigates around the mountain). Carry on about 400m and you should see a pink-flag marking the entrance of the climb, also may still be a white arrow on a tree signalling the same entrance.

The entire track is fairly well marked so continue to follow the pink flags upwards. It is a relatively uncomplicated climb and takes only about 20minutes to reach the top so could be a good one for kids that like adventures. It’s a rocky/boulder trail so fairly stable underfoot, some minor areas you can climb along the way and take note where you pop out at the top for the return journey. Being rocky it is slippery after rain so make sure the weather is fine. For such a small climb as mentioned the views really are a surprise so make sure you have time to relax and soak it up, maybe take a little picnic lunch :-).


Any tips for others looking for it?