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1-2 hours

Mt Cooroora

Mt Cooroora

The infamous “King of The Mountain” mountain! Located out the back of Pomona township this is a locals favourite for both a weekend warrior style climb or training ground for the athletes. You can either do the full ‘King of The Mountain’ route and start in town or there is a carpark located at the base of the mountain on Mountain Street (how appropriately named). Classified as an intrusive volcanic plug, Mt Cooroora is 439m high at the peak and not a hike for the faint-hearted.

There is a combination of ‘standard’ hiking, stairs (a lot of stairs) and some rock-climbing/scrambling to get to the top so a moderate level of fitness is a requirement. The view from the top as with all mountain summits in the region is stunning and make sure to reward yourself at one of the local Pomona cafés post-climb to celebrate your achievement. Those small town cafes always have amazing food!!

Now for a bit of history – the ‘King of The Mountain’ festival started back in 1958 when Bruce Samuels (a local Footballer) ran to the top in under an hour and then, as men do, boasted about it in the pub later. Of course as I am sure you can guess, a wager followed from the non-believers which lead to Samuels re-running from pub to summit return in under an hour (not the same day fyi). This incredible feat was recorded on the pub wall and the following year Barry Webb, a 21 year old Brisbane lad, announced he was going to beat the time – which he did. Webb completed the round trip in just 35minutes, which is rather incredible considering this is prior to the current infrastructure up there! Following this the first official King of The Mountain Race was organised on June 27, 1959….this is where the grey area occurs as no-one knows how many races were run between this date and in 1979 when The Cooroy/Pomona Lions Club revived the race and made it an official festival which is now run every July. For more information check out:


How many stairs do you think there are?