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1-2 hours

Mt Cooee

Mt Cooee

Mt Cooee…my very least favourite of the Glasshouse family. At just 190m high it isn’t a large mountain so technically you would think it wouldn’t be too bad….hmmmmm. The difficulty comes not with the height or grade, it is the complete lack of ‘real’ trail, continual bushbashing, mosquitos and lack of view from the top. So unless you are incredibly desperate to climb something or dead set on doing all the Glasshouse Mountains like me then just drive past the bugger, wave and continue on to Tibro or Tibberoowuccum.

If you are dead set then the entrance is opposite 210 Barrs Rd Beerburrum and clearly gated with a “Cooee Fire Management Trail’ sign - so that bit s easy to find. Walk along the trail for about 500m till you reach a T-junction, keep going forward and slightly to the right you should see a pink ribbon marking the trail entrance. Try to follow the ribbons as best you can but they are by no means regular and the trail is not marked. It appears people just take the path of least resistance the whole way up. Climb at your own risk, as mentioned it’s bushbashing, there’s some scrambling, and it flattens near the top - well it’s kind of hard to tell where the top is for the most part but keep going forward and you should find it. Be very careful to takes note of how the heck you got to the top as it is very easy to get lost.

That’s all I am going to say as I don’t actually want to encourage anyone to climb this one and if you do definitely do not go alone!


Did you make it to the top?