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1-2 hours

Mt Coochin

Mt Coochin

This double-header gem is very easy to drive past as the entrance is linked to a driveway so you feel like you are heading onto someones private property. However turn into #2762 Old Gympie Rd and it cuts off to the right, follow the fence line and you will discover a little carpark at the end with a Mt Coochin National Park sign - proof you are in the right place! Some of the best hikes are the hidden gems after all! Through the entrance follow the track on your right and you will arrive at a fork - go left (right is a pretty walk that ends at a property fence) about 100m and you should see a big tree with sticks leaning against it marking the start of the path. The tracks are not signed on this mountain however they are fairly obvious. There’s a few smaller trails up where people have clearly just gone bushbashing - try to find the main track and minimise unnecessary damage to nature.

The Coochin twins consists of two peaks, the highest being 235m and takes about 1.5-2hours to complete both so don’t head up too late in the day. The first summit is approximately a 20minute climb with spectacular views of the Glasshouse mountains at the top. From this summit you will see the second summit with a clearly defined ridge-line in between the two, it looks harder than it really is so definitely worth heading across if time (and legs) permit. The track between once again isn’t marked with ribbons so stay following the ridge and you shouldn’t have trouble, we were able to navigate it easily and if we can then most should be able to ;-). It is a bit tricky in sections so be very careful, some scrambling, some lose areas and steep sections that I wouldn’t recommend for inexperienced explorers. From the second peak you can either return from whence you came or head east and down - once again not marked but fairly obvious if you are looking.

All in all I really enjoyed this hike and the views surprised me as they were quite spectacular so well worth the trip out. I have seen posts claiming its family friendly - personally I have young ones and would not attempt it with them, maybe around 7+ if the kidlets are used to hikes/climbs but not for a beginners adventure - go to Ngunngun instead 🙂


Did you climb both?