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Rock climbing

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1-2 hours

Mt Beerwah

Mt Beerah

Mt Beerwah is the highest of the Glasshouse Mountains and second only to Tibrogargan in difficulty. The first 20m is purely vertical so if you can make it past this confronting climb, ability-wise then you have the skills to make the summit. Fitness is the other major factor and people regularly get caught out on Mt Beerwah for this very reason or due to the heat. Take it slowly and only go as far as you feel completely comfortable with. Early in the day is best – avoid completely in the heat of the day unless you are very experienced as the combination of exercise, temperature and hot rocks with little shade becomes overpowering quickly.

Not one for the faint hearted and in complete honesty I did not make my first attempt at this incredible climb, largely due to a fear of heights. Thankfully I went with very able bodied mates who helped me climb back down. Since then I have worked on this particular fear and whilst it is still a mental challenge the climb is well worth it for both the view and feeling of accomplishment.

I have seen children and elderly alike make it up Beerwah so age is not necessarily an issue – its more skill, fitness and leaving the ego at the bottom of the mountain so you only go as far as you can. Stay on the track at all times and be very considerate of others – especially if you are in a group, don’t push anyone beyond their limits as the call out for a helicopter is very costly!!

Did you find the side track on the way down to avoid the 20m vertical face? (hint: it’s off to the right)