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Mooloolah Valley

Activity Type:

Horse Riding

Explorer Level:


Price Range:

From $50


1-2 hours

Mooloolah Valley Riding Centre

I grew up with horses and absolutely love these amazing creatures, so was very excited when I discovered a riding centre happy to take little explorers under 5yo!!

Driving in is an experience on its own as there are a couple of donkeys wandering free and very friendly so the girls were instantly in heaven. We wandered up to the sheriff’s office where the minis were allowed to choose saddles, blankets and lead ropes which made them feel more comfortable and in control – very important for mini explorers.

Their ponies came over, first picks were Dolly and Pixie ……. Dolly had a diva moment (slight pause in proceedings, nothing major) as can be expected so out came Lemonade to much excitement of Hunter as true to her name Lemonade was a beautiful white pony, just like out of a Fairytale. At this stage I will admit to being slightly concerned at how the girls would take to riding ponies as with minis we know the idea may be fun but reality can lead to, well, um… tantrums.

The staff were absolutely amazing, clearly loved leading little ones around and made the girls feel incredibly special so my hat goes off to them. It was an experience the girls talked about for weeks afterwards and yes we all wanted to move out there and get horses. All in all definitely an experience worth doing and I plan to go back and have a trail ride myself in the near future.

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