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kondalilla falls

Kondalilla Falls is the absolute must do in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, especially after a good rain. The Kondalilla National Park is found at the end of Kondalilla Falls rd so very easy to navigate to, with reasonable parking available. There is a large picnic area at the start with tables, BBQ’s and facilities available so you can make a full day out of this adventure, or head to the nearby Elements at Montville for amazing food, both savoury and sweet (their brownie is devine!!)

Anyway, more about the Falls….Kondalilla is the aboriginal word for ‘rushing water’ which is a perfect description of this stunning 90m waterfall, particularly brilliant in the summer wet season. Surrounding the Falls is a mixture of eucalyptus forest and sub-tropical rainforest which creates an amazingly vibrant canopy. There are a couple of short walks: Picnic Creek Walk is 1.7km and is an easy walk over picnic creek and through the forest with spectacular views over the forest from lookout point. The second being Kondalilla Falls Circuit which is 4.7km starting from the picnic creek walk follow the circuit past rock pools, a lookout with amazing view of the falls and through the lush forest…be warned there are 100 stairs on this circuit so a reasonable level of fitness to get back up is advised.

The larger rock pool is a very popular swimming spot, particularly in summer so if you are planning a trip I advise you go early to get both a parking spot and your place on the rocks. Take plenty of water and insect repellant as with any forest area bugs can be around. This is a great day out for all the family and pretty much all ages, of course always be aware if you are taking children near water and rocks as it does get slippery - safety first.

If you would like a longer walk follow the Great Walk signs, from Kondalilla your can head all the way along through the forest to Lake Baroon which is about 12km. Much of this walk follows the creek so it is a very picturesque hike via flat rock and Baroon Lookout. Well worth the effort if you have the time 🙂


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