Kin Kin

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3 hours

Kin Kin Countryside Loop

About 38km NW of Noosa heads is a lovely little town called Kin Kin – home of the Noosa Trail Network Countryside Loop Walk as well as an amazing little café called Black Ant, oh and there’s a great Pub there too!! Anyway the Kin Kin Countryside loop is a 14km hike starting from the Kin Kin Sportsground (57 Main st), travelling through various farms including goats, cattle, dairy cows and even mango farms which make for spectacular scenery. While a fairly tame hike there are a few rolling hills so be prepared and I would recommend taking a packed lunch if you would like to make a bit more of an adventure out of it as you can stop at either Grady’s or Shepperson’s Park for a picnic on the way. The pictures really do tell the story on this one, I thoroughly enjoyed hiking through the countryside and getting up close to the animals along the way.

Make sure you are courteous and close every gate you go through so no farm animals can escape. As always remember lots of water, comfortable clothes, food, and sunscreen (there are long sections without shade). Binoculars if you are a bird-watcher as this track is known for is bird-watching. This loop makes up part of the Noosa Trail Network which is a dedicated network of 8 scenic hinterland walking, cycling and horse-riding trails throughout the Noosa Hinterland. For more information on the trails check out:



Pub or Cafe post hike?