Glasshouse Mountains

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Glasshouse Mountains

The Glasshouse Mountains are an iconic region just south of the Sunshine Coast. Incredibly popular for climbers, hikers and explorers of all levels depending on the mountain. From the highest peak of Mt Beerwah to the baby of the Family Mt Elimbah locals and tourists alike love exploring the area and who wouldn’t with such spectacular views! Now, many of us know the Glasshouse Mountains were so-named by Captain Cook in 1770 as upon first sighting the range he was struck by the singular form of elevation and thought they resembled glass houses. What I would like to share is the Aboriginal Legend about this amazing mountain range…so here is my understanding:

The Glasshouse Mountains are a family in which Mt Tibrogargan (364m high) is the father and Mt Beerwah (555m high) is the mother. Now as the legend goes Mt Tibrogargan and Mt Beerwah had a number of children - Mt Coonowrin (377m high) was the eldest, Mt Tundbubudla which consists of 2 peaks (293 and 312m high) are the twins, Mt Coochin (253m high), Mt Ngungun (253m high), Mt Tibberoowuccum (220m high), Mt Miketeebumulgrai (199m high) and the littlest Mt Elimbah (129m high). One day Tibrogargan noticed that the sea was rising so decided to move the family inland away from the ocean towards safety. As Beerwah was pregnant at the time Tibrogargan called upon his eldest Coonowrin to help his mother gather the younger children and move to safety. Coonowrin was so afraid that instead of staying to assist his mother and siblings he ran away in fear. Tobrogargan became very angry at his sons cowardice so chased him and in the heat of the moment hit him with a club thus dislocating Coonowrins neck. Time passed, the seas retreated and the family moved back to their home plains. Coonowrin approached his father Tibrogargan asking forgiveness for his cowardly acts however Tibrogargan just wept with shame over his sons actions. Next Coonowrin approached his siblings for forgiveness but they too wept with shame, thus explaining the many small streams of the Glasshouse region. Tibrogargan turned to Coonowrin and asked why he had failed to help Beerwah to which Coonowrin simply responded that he believed Beerwah was big enough to look after herself, he had not known his mother was pregnant at the time. Tibrogargan turned his back on his son, refusing to look at him anymore and he still gazes out to sea today. Coonowrin forever hangs his crooked neck and cries while Beerwah is still pregnant - it takes a long time to create a mountain.

The Glasshouse Mountains region is absolutely amazing and I strongly recommend everyone to spend time exploring. Be very careful and hike/climb within your limits as some of the peaks are very challenging. For more information see the individual Blogs on this site or check out:


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