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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your goal?

To provide a one-stop hub of activities on the Sunshine Coast so that people can see what’s around, how to get there, what they should to pack, how long it will take and other activities in the surrounding area.  Explorer insights will include beaches, walks, hikes, some businesses such as The Big Boing etc.  We intend for our site to be interactive, when visitors can ask questions about activities so they feel prepared. We will also be arranging some free group hikes which we’ll communicate to our followers on social media aka Mister/Mrs Facebook.

What issues do you have while travelling?

Pack first aid kit, be aware of snake season, fishing no go zones, natural reserves and permits required, trespassing, overhead or underground wires/hazards/signs that say bugger off etc.   Never hike alone, and always check in with friends/family before you leave and when you return – there are some great phone apps that can do this.

Can you create itineraries for explorers?

We are happy to provide sample recommended itineraries if desired – such as if you wish to hike multiple areas and find a food outlet in between

What should I take with me whilst exploring the fabulous Sunshine Coast?

Water is the biggest one. Take sunscreen, bug spray and often an itch soothing ointment (such as Soov or Savlon) in case of insect bites or itchy skin from coming into contact with various plants.  We also recommend packing some snacks for the longer hikes – apples, nuts and seeds and other fruit are great ideas.  You may also wish to pack a first aid kit or a mini first aid kit. If you’re planning to be out after dark, or you think you might get carried away exploring and are unsure how long you’ll be, then pack a torch and make sure the batteries work first!  It’s better to be safe than sorry.  And as much as we recommend ‘switching off’ mentally, you may still wish to pack your phone in case you need to make an emergency call, or to advise friends/relatives of an updated time of arrival home.  Make sure you check your battery power before you head off!

Do I have to be fit to explore like you do?

Moderate level of fitness is required for the hikes. Other activities such as local attractions don’t require any specific fitness level or skill set.

How difficult is it?

Depends on the activity.

Will I be safe?

We recommend you never hike alone, only do what you feel completely comfortable with, carry water and a phone at all times. Hikers go at their own risk.

How do I go to the toilet?

Depends on the activity, most hikes and attractions have facilities nearby.

I am underage and want to do what you do, what should I do?

Depends on the activity – attractions and some activities are suitable for a variety of ages. For hikes and certain attractions ensure minors are accompanied by an adult.

What food do I eat?

No specific food is required.  We suggest take easy to digest, light food for hikes but it’s not always necessary as most are done within a couple of hours.

What gadgets would you recommend I bring?

Mobile phone always.

What happens if there is a bushfire or flood?

Avoid the area.

Do you have recommended gear?

Again, dependant on the activity. Outdoor activities always recommend SunSmart attire – hat, sunglasses and sunscreen for the day. Enclosed flat shoes such as sneakers or hiking boots for the hikes. Indoor activities will be entirely dependent on the businesses requirements.

What type of skills do I need to be an explorer like you?

Moderate to high fitness level and a love for adventure.

Do I need to have a team?

No, but always hike with a buddy just in case anything goes awry. It’s more fun with people too.

How long do you go exploring for before returning home?

We go from one hour to a full day depending on the adventure and who is with us.