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Dularcha National Park

Dularcha National Park

Dularcha National Park is a hidden gem accessible via Cunningham Rd Landsborough. I took the mini explorers out to have a look at the old Rail Tunnel which is an easy 2.1km hike each way via Tunnel Track or you can extend the day and hike Roses Circuit which takes you further around the perimeter returning via Tunnel track which is about 8.8km return. If you do decide on Roses circuit I highly recommend taking a map as there are a couple of sections where the trail splits so the map helped assess which route to take. It is a beautiful hike through dry sclerophyll forest and rainforest gullies with views to the Glasshouse Mountains in sections. Roses circuit is a class 4 track so be prepared for a few undulations - moderate level of fitness required for this one. Tunnel track is a more direct route to the heritage-listed railway tunnel and a class 1 track so easy walk/bike ride for the little ones.

The Dularcha Railway Tunnel was built in the early 1890’s and is one of only two tunnels along the old North Coast line between Brisbane and Gympie. Opening on January 1st 1891 the tunnel and railway allowed travel between Brisbane and Gympie return in 12 hours which in it’s day was a major achievement and over time became a major freight and passenger line. The railway line was moved to our current location (which the tunnel track runs parallel to for a section) in 1932 and travel through the tunnel ceased.

This is a great little (or big if you do Roses Circuit) discovery tour for adults and kids alike - my girls loved walking through the tunnel! It is dark inside so take a torch just in case.

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