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1 night

Bymien Picnic Area

My first lightweight hiking adventure started from Bymien Picnic Area which is a lovely little spot about 4km out of Rainbow Beach off Freshwater drive. After a lovely lunch in Rainbow beach we parked at the Bymien Picnic are and headed out for about a 10km hike to Freshwater Camp Grounds. The hike winds through lush rainforest of the Great Sandy National Park, past Poona Lake which is a great little swimming spot. Poona lake is reddy-brown in colour from the native trees staining the water but quite safe for a dip. From there, continue on along the Cooloola Great Walk trail which winds through the forest over some fairly gentle hills past Freshwater lake and finally landing at Freshwater Campground. This is a very popular camping spot for 4wd lovers as it is easy access from here onto Teewah Beach. The camping area has full facilities, toilets, hot showers, rubbish bins, free gas BBQ’s in the nearby day-use area (not at the actual camp ground) and even an old-school telephone. Located just 600m walk along the track to the beach where you can fish, find pippy’s, watch the sunrise/sunset, walk for miles or just relax…just be careful as it is a 4wd area. To find out more check out¬†

After a nice night camping we packed our bags and set off for day 2. The first 10km was relatively smooth, walking along Teewah Beach at low tide (check tides before heading out) with the only incline at the end walking up to the Double Island Point lookout and Lighthouse. Great spot to pause for some morning tea and a rest as from here on the trek gets harder. Next we travelled along Northern Beach for a couple of km’s before heading back into the rainforest near Leisha Track. The next probably about 8.5km but felt like 20km, we hiking over ridge after ridge back along the Great Walk towards our car. This section is not for the faint-hearted and will challenge you physically and mentally, particularly if carrying a full pack. The region is absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend heading out there for a discovery walk…just be prepared for a challenge. Finally we landed at a crossroads and completed our journey walking back along Freshwater Road for the final 4km back to the car and boy were we a tad excited to see it!

The Great Sandy National Park is absolutely abundant with beauty, Poona Lake, Carlo Sandblow, Freshwater and the amazing rainforest is well worth the trip (or multiple trips) to walk the trails and get back to nature. Make the time to head in to Rainbow Beach as well and treat yourself to a pre- or post-hike feed, there are some fantastic eateries in the region!



Did you wake up for the magnificent sunrise?