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1 hour

Buderim Falls

Harry’s Lane Entrance Buderim Falls

The Buderim Falls area covers 45hactares of stunning forestry, walking trails and of course a watercourse inclusive of falls. There are two main entry points to the region, both entries run off Lindsay road with the lower entry via Harry’s Lane where the infamous Harry’s Restaurant can also be found and the upper entry is via Quorn Close. From entrance to entrance one way the walk takes about 30minutes mostly forest ‘track’ with a boardwalk towards the Harry’s Restaurant end – so if you just want a little walk or require stroller/wheelchair friendly start from Harry’s Lane end. After the boardwalk the track does become more challenging so not suitable for ‘wheeled’ access or anyone with walking difficulties unfortunately.

The circuit track option starts from Quorn Close entrance and takes about 20-30minutes without stops, so allow about an hour as you will want to stop and enjoy the view.  This trail does have fairly steep sections and steps so once again not suitable for wheeled access.

There are BBQ areas at both ends with bathrooms and parking available so take advantage of the area and set up for a few hours, enjoy a BBQ and the serenity of the region. On that note – the Falls were unofficially named ‘Serenity Falls’ by the region’s indigenous people as a favourite locale, they are now however more known to locals as Buderim Falls. As they say a rose by any other name…. still amazing regardless of what you choose to call them, particularly following rain.

Swimming in the falls as with all natural ‘swimming holes’ is at your own risk so be very careful if you do choose to swim.


Did you find brave the cold water?