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Noosa National Park – Night Hike

Area: Noosa Activity Type: Walk/hike Explorer Level: Intermediate Price Range: $2 Time: 1.5 - 2 hours Every Monday night we kick off from the Beach side on Noosa Surf Club on a brisk hike out to Hells Gates via Tanglewood track and then returning via the Coastal track...

Mt Cooroora

Area: Pomona Activity Type: Hike/Climb Explorer Level: Intermediate Price Range: Free Time: 1-2 hours Mt Cooroora The infamous “King of The Mountain” mountain! Located out the back of Pomona township this is a locals favourite for both a weekend warrior style climb or...

Kondalilla Falls

Area: Montville Activity Type: Walk/swim Explorer Level: Beginner Price Range: Free Time: 1 hour Kondalilla Falls is the absolute must do in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, especially after a good rain. The Kondalilla National Park is found at the end of Kondalilla...

Get to Know Your Local Treasures

The location of the treasures have been discovered for you, for your enjoyment and overall fun.

Planning Family Adventures and Fun

The Research Planning has been done to all regional sites No Stress! No Worry!

Exploring Local Hidden Haunts

Experience the hidden places in your locality all personally sourced with the research completed and all you have to do is enjoy!

About Restless Explorers

Welcome to the world of Restless Explorers where your pathway to adventure awaits!!

As we explore the amazing region that we call home here on the Sunshine Coast we would like to share our adventures with you and pass on the knowledge so you to can make the most of this wonderful area.

Whether you are a local or visitor we are here to help you discover the wonders of the area and direct you to our favourite local haunts so you can make the most out of your adventure time.

The Sunshine Coast has an absolute abundance of amazing places to visit, the trick is finding some of them and working out which suits you best. That’s where we come in, our prime goal is to get people out and exploring so check out what we have and feel free to ask any questions. We will assist you as much as we can or direct you to the appropriate contact.

Explored by The Restless Explorers!

Each adventure is well researched to ensure that each of the participants are well prepared. In creating Restless Explorers, I was able to share my adventures for people to be able to learn and enjoy.

Each attraction has been personally visited and experienced. Feedback and support provided for your comfort.

Let us know where you want to go!

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Discover The Sunshine Coast

Our amazing Coast has many so many wonderful places to visit it can be hard to know where to start or what you need for each activity. Whether you are a local or a tourist let Restless Explorers help you to make the most of your time here by providing you with the information needed to be prepared for your adventures so you can get out and explore.

Hike, Swim, Climb, Paddle…the list goes on

We are fortunate enough to have a wide variety of experiences to enjoy here on the Sunshine Coast, it’s just a matter of getting out there and finding them. From hiking the Great Walk to Climbing a mountain or paddling along the Noosa River – what will you get out and do today? We have one life – it’s time to really make the most of every experience so take photos, smell the flowers, swim in the falls and create amazing memories!

Getting Back To Nature

Our lives are full of stressful situations with the pressures ever increasing it seems. Getting outside and back to nature is a proven way to reduce stress and enhance your health through both the energy or nature and the exercise. It is also a great way to create family moments – introduce your kids to a love of the great outdoors and their lives will be forever changed, less TV more nature….take the step and maximise your life!

Outdoor Adventure Australia

Our name and our passion is Outdoor Adventure Australia. We see both adventure seekers and adventure providers as our customers. While we are out in the field focussing on what we love and providing an incredible experience to our customers, we want our business management system to take the hassle out of running and building the business.

Because we are an adventure experience provider in the industry, we acknowledge that with a high reputation for service delivery, our industry will power ahead and everyone will benefit. So we are sharing our system with others, so they can take the humdrum out of running their business backend as well.

We have created more than a company and more than a marketing or sales system. We have created the base for an adventure community. We intend to facilitate connecting the entire adventuring community like never before. Sell, purchase, rate, communicate, co-ordinate Australian adventure all in one place.

The business model was created by individuals who are passionate about giving people the best opportunities to succeed. Whether you’re an adventurer or an adventure provider, we’re invested in your experience. Whether you are looking for adventure, an adventure provider or looking to become an adventure provider, our system will blow your mind and our offer will blow your socks off.

Cruise our website for more details. Particularly check out the How it Works section. We know you will be impressed 🙂